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Other breads and small savouries
When you want more variety on the table, remember these products suited to every taste.

Cocktail rice pies
A delicious baguette, which gives itself to different kinds of filling. Leave it to reach room temperature in the air, or warm in a microwave oven just before serving. If you like a crisp crust, you can also warm the baguette in a conventional oven.

Beef hamburger
A juicy beef hamburger set in a roll decorated with sesame seeds. You can warm it in the open package in a microwave oven and garnish it with your favourite spices.
Karelian pie
Traditional delicacy with rice filling and a mildly buckwheat flavoured crust enclosing it. Warm pies in a conventional oven and garnish with butter or margarine. If you prefer the crust softer, you can warm the pies in a microwave oven. You can also try pies garnished with traditional egg butter.

Hearthstone flatbread 
A pliant and mildly potato-flavoured flatbread that is baked in a real hearthstone oven. Contains no added fat. You can warm it in the open package in a microwave oven just before serving. Delicious with butter or filled like a tortilla.
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