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Pioneer of gluten-free products

A new exciting Gluten Free & Wheat Free products, Moilas range available excluisively to Ice Box Foods.

Wheat Free Diet maybe what you need to help you feel well, now it its more exciting with the first Frozen products available in Ireland .

Pizza, Baguettes, Muffins, Breakfast Rolls, Burger Buns etc...
The Moilas plant is the second biggest bakery of gluten-free products in Europe and one of the most modern in the world. Naturally gluten-free products are made in our bakery using only top quality raw materials and up-to-date technology. Moilas can point to more than two decades of professional skill and experience.

The baking technology used by Moilas for gluten-free baked products is one of the most advanced in Europe. Products are frozen and packed directly from the oven. They retain their freshness and taste until enjoyed by you. Freezing the products also ensures that they need no added preservatives.

As years go by, the variety and significance of gluten-free products have increased accordingly. Today, the range include various kinds of plain bread, rolls, baguettes, pizzas, small savoury pastries, and sweet pastries. The selection also includes seasonal products and products for catering kitchens. The Moilas gluten-free product range is continually evolving and new items and alternatives for gluten-free diets will soon be added. And you can be sure that all these products will have the famous Moilas taste!

An innovative player in the sector, Moilas was the first bakery in Europe to be awarded a pan-European cross-licence. The gluten-free nature of its products is symbolised by the Ear of Wheat symbol on Moilas packages. Use of the symbol makes the products more easily recognisable, and clearly indicates that people on gluten-free diets can use them.


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