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There are various kinds of coffeebreads for sweet and hungry palates. All the products are delicious as such, but you can satisfy different tastes by filling or decorating pastries with berries, fruit, cream, and sweet-flavoured compotes, for example. It is best to let muffins and chocolate cakes reach room temperature in the air. You can also warm them in a microwave oven. Coffeebreads are best when warmed in a microwave oven just before serving.

Lemon muffin
Refreshing lemon flavoured muffin. Try it with whipped cream and filled with fruit.
Chocolate muffin
A muffin mildly flavoured with orange and crushed chocolate. Can also be served warm with vanilla ice cream, or still chilled with a warmed berry compote.

Apricot muffin
A muffin succulent with apricot and vanilla. Try with whipped vanilla sauce and filled with a purée of tinned apricots, for example.
Plain coffeebread
Raisin-filled, ready-sliced traditional coffeebread spiced with cardamom and baked in a tin. Suitable to be served as such or toasted like bread and spread with butter or marmalade.

Sunshine bread
Coffeebread with a refreshing pineapple-grapefruit filling. Decorate with icing sugar.
Chocolate cake
Cake filled with crushed chocolate, delicious as such, suitable also as a base for layered cakes on ceremonial occasions. The cake is easy to cut even if frozen - so you needn't melt the entire cake at once.
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