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Pan breads

Our ready-sliced pan breads for toast come in varieties to suit all tastes. Warm what you need in a microwave oven or toaster just before serving. You can leave the loaf to reach room temperature in the air, but it tastes best when warmed.

White pan bread 
Standard loaf with a fairly mild taste, can have different garnishes added. Mildly flavoured with bitter orange peel.
Dark pan bread
The most popular of the Moilas Gluten-Free products! Plum marmalade, treacle and black treacle give this loaf a pleasingly sweet taste. Not the same as rye bread - even if its rich, dark colour might lead you to think so.

Spiced sour bread
Containing plenty of buckwheat, this loaf has a sour taste, as its name indicates. Fennel and flaxseed add to the flavour.
Buckwheat bread
Mildly sour loaf with a buckwheat flavour.

Flaxseed bread
White loaf containing ground flax and other seeds, flavoured with bitter orange peel.
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